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the botched landing that ripped an airplane apart with 300 people aboard, but the ntsb says it's still too soon to know exactly why it happened. >> asiana flight smashed into the seawall. two flight attendants were ejected from the back as the plane broke apart. it was the pilot's first time coming into san francisco at the controls of a boeing 777. all three pilots on board answered questions on tuesday. officials wanted to know why the plane was flying 40 miles per hour slower than normal when it approached the runway and why the crew didn't notice until it was too late. two teenage girls, best friends, were killed. they had been on their way to summer camp. >> now, incredibly, 305 of the 307 people on board survived. some escaped just moments before the plane burst into flames. one passenger helped people to safety amid the panic. anna warner has his story for wjz. >> reporter: some of those aboard asiana flight 214 recall a stunned silence when the plane came to rest at the side of runway 28 left. >> with no warning, during the whole crash and even after the crash, no communication fro
and there was a significant piece of the tail of this aircraft in the water. >> reporter: the ntsb says the plane was flying 40 miles per hour slower than this plane does upon landing. passengers say the plane was lower as well. >> i don't see runway, i just see water. i'm realizing, we're way too low. >> reporter: seven seconds before impact, a member of the flight crew called for increased speed. three seconds later the flight controls began to shake, a signal the plane was close to losing lift or stalling. with just a second and a half before the plane hit the ground, the flight crew attempted to abort the landing and initiate a go around to try again. most of the more seriously injured were taken here to san francisco general hospital where several remain in critical condition. two chinese students were killed, one of them possibly hit by a rescue vehicle as she lay on the tarmac. in san francisco, marley hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> the pilot was doing on-the- job training with an instructor. he had only logged 43 hours in a 777 and had never flown that plane into san francisco before. >>> well, speak
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2